Come Inside the Store

Converted from the dairy's original milking barn, the Wright Dairy store is located in the middle of Canebrake Farms, owned by David and Leianne Wright. The store opened in February 1999 when they began bottling milk from his excellent herd of composite cattle which are suited for grazing in the South.

Our Products

Wright Dairy Store

241 Cane Creek Farm Road
Alexandria, Alabama  36250
Phone (256) 820-1020


Wright Dairy is open 5 days a week

Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm

Closed Sunday and Monday



Wright Dairy has the freshest milk. Come in today and try our delicious whole milk, 1% Lowfat, Buttermilk, and kid tested and approved chocolate milk! Remember with our milk, " The Creme Still Rises to the Top"!

Ice Cream

We are terribly sorry, but we no longer sell ice cream.  There has been a great demand for our cheeses, both in Alabama and Georgia, and the quantity of milk we get from our cows is insufficient to do both products. 



Wright Dairy sells a wide variety of cheeses, some made on the farm and some purchased from an Amish community in Ohio.  Both are from cows fed primarily on grass, with no herbicides or pesticides, and the cows are not given hormone injections.  You will find the cheeses "clean" tasting and full of flavor.

Amish Products

Creamy hand rolled Butter, Jellies, Jams, Pickle Relish and an assortment of cheeses are just a few of the Amish products you can buy at Wright Dairy.